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Premium Quality Aftermarket Bandsaw Parts for Amada, Behringer, Clausing,

Cosen, Daito, Danobat, DoAll, Everising, Friggi, Forte, HeM (He&M), Hydmech,

Kalamazoo, Kasto, Kysor Johnson, Marvel, Mastercut, Mep, Missler, Peddinghaus,

Peerless, Pheonix, Scotchman, Spartan, Tannewitz, Wells & W.F. Wells.  


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SHARC Part Number: A-CCK-001
Chip Conveyor Kit for Amada Saws with Chain Driven Auger Vises




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 SHAFT "A" = SHARC Made in the U.S.A.



Replaces Part Numbers: Shaft A, 1280685 B, 10568725, 10331042, 1280685B
Oilless Chain, RSL40SL-42, 10331135, 10569025, 10375812, P410122052
Wiper Ring, Dust Seal, Scraper, SCB-16, P590313002, 10375814, 10569029, 10331236, Plain Bearing
Oilless Metal Bushing, K5B1625, P407003300, 10301295, MB1625DU, P407003032, 10322137, 10567330, DUB1625, P407003161, 10580636, 10555707, 10331219, P407003161
Plain Bearing, DUF1620-24, P407013048, 10580633, MB1620-24FDU, P407013012, 10568931, 10331218, P407013087, K5F1620-24, 10301296
Spring Pin, 10372119, D6X28, P337030062, 74377310, P337030064, 78183418, 6X32, 6X28AW, P337030062, 10372119, 10331150
Hex Soc Cap Screw, M8X50-A2-70-SUS304, 10384701, 10443146, P330230012, M8X50, 74314411, 10342326, P330230037, 10384140, 10371406, M8X50 SUS, 10375811